Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ragnar Relay - Gaylords by the Dozen!

When times are tough, what do you do? You GO BIG, You RALLY, you FOCUS, you PULL TOGETHER, and GIVE IT EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT! When you come from a family of 10 children, you need a pretty big project to RALLY around. Well the 2009 RAGNAR RELAY - California seemed to have all the right ingredients. 187 miles of running along the California coast from Santa Barbara to Dana Point. 12 "team runners" relay day and night down the California coast as fast as possible. We have assembled the first and only ALL family team, "Gaylords by the Dozen" for this historic run down the California coast. The team includes 7 brothers/sisters, 3 nephews/nieces, 2 spouses, along with a family support team of 3.

Team Roster: Terry Gaylord, Randy Gaylord, Tim Gaylord, Mark Gaylord, Peter Gaylord, Topher Gaylord, Kim Gaylord, Travis Gaylord, Colin Gaylord, Courtney Gaylord, Sarah Gaylord Williams, Ron Williams.

Team Support/Coaching: Laura Gaylord, Marny Gaylord, Tina Graham.

Team Start Time: 12:00pm Friday, April 24th, 2009

Terry as the "most seasoned" member of the team, will lead us out from Santa Barbara and Colin, as the "sprouting bud" member of the team, will bring us home into the finish at Dana Point.

Ragnar was a 9th century Norse King. He was a pirate, a raider, a conqueror, an explorer, and a wild man. The tough, fearless, rugged attributes of this Norse King are shared by all who participate in a Ragnar Relay. In much the same way, a Ragnar Relay provides runners the freedom to roam, to explore - a free-spirited curiosity to get out there and experience outdoor adventure. And as a family, we will RALLY, PULL TOGETHER, FOCUS, and GIVE IT EVERYTHING WE'VE GOT!

Follow the team's progress live on our Twitter feeds posted on our site. You can also see more info on the event at:

Long live the Ragnar in us all!