Saturday, November 15, 2008

Catalina Epic! Topher Wins, Kim 5th woman!

An epic tour of Catalina Island with perfect sunshine and 100degree F temps, and 3600 ft of climbing proved a challenging combo. Competition was fierce at the head of the course with our friend Nicolas Mermoud, from Chamonix France, and Topher running from the front all day. A German runner living in Rodondo Beach was lurking all day just off the pace of the front duo and finished 3rd.

The event was hosted by our dear friend, Dean Karnazes and the event had a special screening of his movie running 50/50/50, the first time we had seen the movie and it provided massive inspiration for the race today for all!

Headed out to the beach to relax and soak in the nice Indian Summer and a nice Dinner tonight with the entire Karno Family.

Best from the California Gaylords!

Kim and Topher

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Chris Lepley said...

It's fun to win sometimes...Nice work the both of you. Taking So Cal by storm.