Thursday, August 28, 2008

UTMB starts Friday 6:30pm in Chamonix - GO Topher!

The Ultra Trail Tour du Mt Blanc run starts friday 6:30pm local time from the center of chamonix. This year the race is 165kms (104 miles) with 9400 meters (30,OOO feet) of up and down. It is the 6th edition and the hardest course yet. The race starts in france and goes to italy, to switzerland then back into france following around the Mt Blanc (the highest mtn in europe) There are 2,500 runners and it is the best and most competitive field of racers ever! There are 50 nations represented. The front of the race will be full of excitement for the men and women. The weather looks great so that is good for everyone - the runners, the organisation and the supports.

I will post updates as I see topher along the way and tell stories of the race at:

Also follow along on the race website for the LIVE instant timing updates at:

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Then click for timing updates for UTMB 165km race

Topher is number 24

The energy and atmosphere here is like nothing we have ever seen. This really is the biggest utra race in the world. It is fun to be a part of the excitement. Topher should have a good run. He is in super mountain running shape and is capable of a great finish. Just hope it is a good day for him and can keep the energy all the way.

We have some family here to help and enjoy this great event. Laura, Colin and Lisa will be out on the course just soaking in the crowds, music and festivities all night and day. So fun adventures for all.

Send strong thoughts to topher as he charges up and down the big hills of this difficult race!


From chamonix,

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