Friday, August 29, 2008

UTMB Live info and Anti Doping

Here are the steps to follow the live website:

click LIVE

click Fiche Courere

click Dossar - and put 24 (this is tophers number) and will give you his progress. Look at the profile on the top to see where he is.

ALSO to see head of the race:

click LIVE

Click Tete de Course and then highlight Tour Du Mt Balnc - this will list the top 10 runners
We hope for that towards the end and ideally not at the beginning. Better to start slow and finish strong.

I will send updates along the way on the blog so check back.

Toph is resting now after a press conference with 100 members of press from all over the world. This event is huge in all aspects! Just like the tour de France!

Oh and Topher was chosen for anti doping control so they took a blood sample yesterday. 20 top runners were chosen to be tested. No problems (as far as we know). Some even had to do a hair and urine samples but Topher just did blood. Wild huh! Scott Jurek and Nikki Kimball were also tested (fellow Americans running the race).

4 hours until the start,

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