Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Life Changes!

Sometimes the best way to expand the mind, learn, stay flexible, adaptable, keep a youthful spirit, and grow is to turn your life upside down and reinvent yourself. Well, we are taking this concept to its fullest. If you are not already aware, after 8 wonderful years living in Europe and Italy, we have returned to California and the "new world". A new opportunity for Topher professionally and a new opportunity for both of us personally. We have relocated to Santa Monica, California and we are temporarily living on the beach with fantastic Pacific Ocean views, great urban culture, superb running and outdoor active lifestyle surroundings. New adventures await in this progressive West Coast environment.

Look for news updates to follow!


ago said...

Hi Topher! This is an incredible news! Very good for you and Kim! I discovered your blog 2 months ago and I was planning to contact you for a professional opportunity in NF. I'm Italian, I'm a marathoner and ultra runner, not good as you are, just average...I also have a blog (, I was in Chamonix for UTMB 2008, in Courmayeur for the Gran Trail de la Val Digne. My first marathon was with Dean in Maui, Endurance 50. Professionally speaking, I'm a Sales&Marketing guy, MBA in SDA Bocconi, working for Sky TV (NewsCorp)...but I have a news too: in October I will start working for Adidas Italy, as running sales manager. This is an important move to start working in the sporting goods industry. I would like to keep in contact with you for my professional future. If you don't mind, I will connect with you via Linkedin.

Keep in touch

Best regards,

Agostino Lalla

PJG said...


This is Jim Grossman, a friend from a very distant and snowy Snowbird past.

First and foremost how is your nephew, Charlie doing? I was with Stephanie Shumway (Schmidt) and her girls here in Sun Valley when the accident happened and followed his progress on the website for months and months afterward, but haven't heard much lately. I take that as good news! My kids are almost the exact same age as Hilary's who we see once every year or two, but are actually much better (best) friends with Stephanie's girls because they spend the summer's in SV.

Second, I just got done with Karno's first book and was happily surprised to find you there. I have also taken up running after not really relishing it so much from dry land training days and fallen in love. I'm glad to know others have trod this path before me. Who knows maybe I'll go and try to get a buckle one day myself. I'm lucky enough to have AWJ as a resource. Andy is the headmaster of the high school I went to and where my 6 yr old boy is now in first grade, so at least I have someone local to follow...

Third, welcome to the 'hood. I actually grew up on the beach in Santa Monica, between the Jonathan Club and what used to be the Sand 'n Sea Club, right up from (lifeguard) station '6' where my parents still live. From your pictures it looks like you're living in the apt towers south of the pier - Ocean Tower's? or something like that. If you need any local beta, just let me know, ie. there's a really cool hidden trail that connects the bike path thru Santa Monica Canyon to Rustic Canyon to Will Rogers and the Backbone Trail. Which means from your door you can do 70+ miles one way epic and be totally lost in the wilderness while being in a town of more than 12 million people. While it might not be as scenic as crossing the Golden Gate and running to Bolinas or Pt. Reyes, it's not bad for LA.

Anyway I hope all is well and I hope to catch up with you sometime down at the beach. My wife and I are responsible for bringing the Special Olympic World Winter Games back to the Continental US for the first time in 20 years. They'll be held in Boise, McCall and Sun Valley this February. So we're pretty busy right now but usually get down to SM at least 2 or 3 times a years. Hope to see you sometime soon.