Saturday, November 29, 2008

Magical Orcas Island!

Orcas Island, a geographic gem, located in the heart of the San Juan Islands North of Seattle in Puget Sound. This is one of those rare places in the world when it rains, it warms the soul and just feels right and actually feels like “great weather”! We have had a lot of “great weather” over this Thanksgiving. Our first Thanksgiving Holiday in America in 8 years and we are celebrating with our Orcas Island Gaylords, Randy, Marny, Colin, and Genna, Our Seattle Gaylords, Peter, Lauren, Weston, and Caitlin, along with Laura and Courtney. Kim, Laura, and Topher flew up in a Cessna 172 from Seattle to Eastsound and after a short 45minute flight with great scenic views we arrived onto the Island and the rhythm of Island life.

The weekend has been filled with fantastic memories, amazing Orcas Island home cooked family meals, Dessert parties, daily trail runs, hikes, and shared experiences of adventures around the world.

Randy led us through some amazing runs on the Island, Cascade Lake, Mountain Lake, Twin lakes, Mt. Constitution, Rosario, Mt. Pickett, and some of the oldest forests on the Island along with streams, waterfalls, and rivers. The colors in the park are out of this world, vivid greens, lush ferns, mossy trails, soft earth, big trees, and loads of single track trails, hills and hidden forest views. If you haven’t been to Orcas, find a way to come explore this wonderful Island. If you have been here, come visit again, it will warm your heart and sooth the soul.

Peter is flying us off the Island tomorrow on his “Beachcraft Bonanza” for a special “Gaylord Airlines” chartered flight. Should be a great way to cap off a perfect weekend!

Wishing all our family and friends around the world a warm start to the Holiday Season!


Rod Bien said...

I just saw you put in for Wasatch! I threw my name in the hat as well. I'd be stoked to get some running in with you out there. Maybe we can run some of the course over summer OR???? I'm going to camp out there for a few days after the show. Let me know if you are interested.
Take care.

Ryan said...


It was great meeting you and Kim back in November. I saw that you are in Miwok. It will be fun to see you out there.

Would you mind sending me your email? You planted a seed when you told me about the Euro races. I'd like to get out there in the next few years to experience those races. My email is

Hope you and Kim are well,

Ryan Commons