Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cro-Magnon up in the air!

We are off to Limone (Piemonte) Italy to run a 104km race across the mountains to Monte Carlo this weekend. This race is the first of 3 mega mountain ultramarathon races we (toph will run this one and Kim will "crew chief it") plan run over the summer. The Cro-Magnon has 17,700 ft (5400m) of climbing and 21,000ft (6400m) of descending, traversing north to south the mountains dividing Italy and France,finishing on the beach in Monte Carlo. The race course has been getting hammered by rain, high winds, fog and snow, so it is still uncertain whether we will be able to take the start for the 2008 edition.

Official news today....

COMMUNIQUE- 8th of JUNE 2008After the reports of yesterdays by two teams of “baliseurs”
The “balisage” (marking) of the Cro-Magnon 2008 track is on and will be achieved by Wednesday the 11th. Snowfields are there but trenches have been opened so that to cross them, although with due care. In the Italian section a change of the track has become necessary for security reasons. You have been informed of it on this site.
An exceptional weather situation has built up and has been resting on the region since many days, particularly on the highest sections of the Cro-Magnon 2008. A thick mass of clouds and fog envelops the mountains above 2000 m, accompanied by almost permanent rainfalls.The extent and the density of the fog is such that in spite of a rather thick “balisage”, reinforced with reflecting ribbons, it is really very difficult, if not impossible to follow the right direction on the CrĂȘtes de Vespei where the footpath is inexistent and where the highest part in above 2400 m. Moreover some precipices border the way.
If the weather situation doesn’t change and the weather forecast remains negative for the next week, the Organisation Committee of the Cro-Magnon reserves itself to take a final decision on Wednesday the 11th of June: Either cancellation or confirmation of the Cro-Magnon 2008, certainly an Extreme Race but there are limits to it whenever the security is concerned, as per Clause 26 of the RULES.
The Neander-Trail is confirmed. The runners shall be very cautious, if the rainfalls go on as at present, in the ascent and descent of the Baudon.
Thank you for your understanding: it is difficult to fight against the weather

Adventure awaits!

Kim & Toph

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claire.gaylord@yahoo.com said...

Will be waiting to see what 6/11 brings race and weather wise. Thinking ofyou both.. Claire