Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Moscow is a fascinating city with nearly 9Mil people, it is alive 24hrs a day. It is still on the frontier of modernizing its society from its past as a communist state to a free market economy. Aside from some of the most brutal traffic found anywhere in the world, the city is rich in culture and there is tremendous Russian pride among its people.

I have had a fast 36hr work trip into Moscow, arriving at 4am on Tuesday morning, catching 2.5hrs of sleep and off to mtgs all day. I'm not sure if the ultrarunning helps for the sleep deprivation at work or the other way around. Either way, I'm not sleeping many hrs these days I'm my life.....that way I'm sure not to miss anything.

Aside from a full day of mtgs, I was able to see some of Moscow's finest sights: Red Square, GUM, Tsum department store, the world famous Metro with its mosaic art and sculptures, along with great Russian cuisine, horse radish Vodka, and great local beers.

Now it is back to Germany and Austria for more mtgs and I'll join up with Kim for a weekend in Cortina.

All the best from Moscow!

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