Sunday, May 25, 2008

Olympian Awards

In true olympic spirit, the awards ceremony blew us away! The sun setting over the rolling hills of Olympia and the Pelopenese were our dramatic backdrop. They ran the ceremony in 3 languages (Greek, French, and English) honouring the endurance and courage of all the runners. They had a podium recognising the top 3 male and female runners with the National Anthem of the 1st place male and female. Toph was given an exact replica head bust of "Alexander the Great" for his victory! It was pretty wild listening to our National Anthem as the sun went down, a perfect end to a special day.

Thanks to all of you for your comments on our blog, emails, voicemails, text messages, and positive vibes from around the world! Another amazing adventure!

Official Results

Kim & Topher

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Max said...

Hi guys, congratulation for your ultra run...I started my "running life" 2 years ago.
I met your friend Karno (...I read about you on his book...) in NY last November, the day before the marathon (my first one!) and since November I ran 2 marathons more, a 50K ultra and I'm preparing 2nd 50K (I hope to be ready for Passatore next year).
I added your link in my linklog list, if you agree.
Thanks for continuous inspiration (and sorry for my bad english)!