Friday, May 16, 2008

Back to Italy and good food - ahhhh!

We are back in Italy after a fun filled trip to California. (now fighting a bit of jetlag)

I missed all the great fresh food while I was away. All the fruits and vegetables are so good right now.....juicy tomatoes, sweet carrots, fresh greens, great strawberries and on and on. So we are back eating our normal diet and enjoying big salads, pasta and a glass of vino.

The next adventure is Greece. Topher will go out into a new unknown world.....a 180km running race. Yes, alone.....not with a team and not on a bike but on his own 2 feet. I will be there to follow along and will send updates to the blog. Meanwhile, check the race web site to learn more of the run that will traverse the countyside of Greece from Nemea to Olympia. The race is on May 23rd starting at 14:30 in Greece.

Gotta go watch the Giro d'Italia wrap up show....sort of the play by play recap show like NFL football on the 21 day bike race in Italy that is going on right now. Good stuff.

Ciao for now,


Dan & Janine Patitucci said...

Welcome back to Italy...
Ready to play soon? I have work until June 5, then maybe a few days off, so, plans?
Thought I'd comment to show I care.

Let's get after it.

Gayle Stevens said...

Buona fortuna, you two. Can't wait to hear the play by play. Take care, Toph and have fun!! Sending our love from Happy Valley. Gayle and Peter