Monday, May 19, 2008

Off to Athens, Greece to run 111 miles

Wednesday we travel to Athens, Greece. Thursday we will gather supplies and hopefully sneak in a few tourist sites before meeting at the hotel for the race check in.

Friday at 14:30 Topher will take on a new challenge - running further then he has ever done in one continuous push. He has run quite a few 100 mile races and now we are going out into the unknown.......111 miles (180km). It shound be a good challenge physically and mentally. He can do it!

The run is a mix of road and off road trails. It has a total of 12,000 feet (3800 meters) of up and down. To the left is a map of Greece showing the route. He will run that black solid line in the middle of the map from east to west.

I will be with a North Face sales agent to navigate thru the small villages in the countryside to follow Topher along and see him at differnet checkpoints. It will be quite the adventure for both of us. I have never been to Greece so I am looking foward to it.
There will be a photographer following Topher and an editor of a Greek running magazine to write a story and profile Topher and the race. Should be exciting. And I will be blogging LIVE to keep you posted. So check back starting Friday 14:30 greece time....which is 7 hours ahead of east coast and 9 hours ahead of utah time.
Run Topher Run!

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