Friday, May 2, 2008

Miwok - 12 miles update

Wow looking at a fast day on the trail.
First group of 3 guys came in 1:22 including hal. Then 3 minutes behind jurek.
The sun is just hitting the runners now so a touch warmer but still great running temps.

Kami is on a fast pace with Bev Abbs on her shoulder.

Toph is cruising right along - 1:28 to here. He is doing fine. A few more chocolate gus and a half of pb+j to keep him going.

It is a fun race environment with lots of smiles coming into the aid station.

We are off to pantoll - mile 21.7

The crew is going for coffee now.


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Anonymous said...

Following from SLC sorry I wasn't able to make it.. Go Team Toph.. PAG III