Sunday, May 4, 2008

Miwok 100km Poetry

We thought we would share some Poetry my brother Peter wrote after enjoying a day together out on the trails at the Miwok100km in California.


The Miwok 100

Early in morning with oatmeal in hand
We go to where ocean meets sand.

Runners get ready as day starts to break
They all wonder if the finish can they make.

62 miles to return to that spot
Up and down hills, running non stop.

With Gaylord and Jurek and a girl named Kami
Their ability to run long is simply uncanny.

At aid stations they meet with their crew
To refill their water bottle and pick up some Gu.

The spectators mean well cheering them on
Saying things like: "Looking Good! Way to go! Stay strong!"

With sun shining down the views can't be beat
This is no time for sightseeing just watch your damn feet!

They turn around to return to the start
A marathon distance will challenge their heart.

But onward they run inspiring us all
We join in, keep up and try not to fall.

The finish was exciting, a sprint to the end
Topher chasing Eric round the last bend

Then refuel with food, warm up with fleece
Rest up, recover for next stop is Greece!


Next race on the Calendar is the Nemia to Olympia 180km (112miles) in Greece in just 19 days.....check out details of this historic run through the heart of the Greek countryside at:

Toph & Kim

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