Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Cromagnon is ON!!!

The race will start with a few modifications along the way to deal with the snow at high elevations.
It should be quiet the challenge with the snow, mud and water for the runners. Not like it is easy with 18,000 feet of up and 21,000 feet of down. Yikes in 100km. Only the strong and brave will finish this race.

There are many good european runners starting. My pick to win is Marco Olmo. He has won here before and is strong- even at 60 years old! But Dawa Sherpa will not make it an easy win for him. Not sure who is in better form for the big mountains. We will see.

Topher for sure has the leg speed but we will see how he is on the big hills. The goal is a good solid run with no injuries and to enjoy a new place. It will be perfect training for the UTMB (mt blanc race) the end of august.

So follow here LIVE. The race starts at 6am Saturday in Italy then finishes on the beach in Monte Carlo. Ahhhhh!

Should be another fun adventure!

Go Topher!

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